There are many different ways to increase the value of your home with interior design. Many people decide to update the colour of their paint or get new trimmings to freshen up their home. A fun and creative way to increase the value of your home is to refinish your fireplace and mantel.


Mantels can be visually attractive focal points in your home when you choose an interesting textile or pattern. Differentiating and accenting this one piece in your home can add great value. Customizing elements like your fireplace mantel is a job for the Skyrock professionals! Skyrock Construction is an interior, bathroom & kitchen renovation contractor that can help you with the whole design process. Our team reviews any necessary permits, assigns you a project manager and works to redesign your home within your budget.


Add Individuality

Renovations offer a chance for homeowners to show their individuality. A distinct style can set your home apart from your neighbours and add luxury. Mantel’s allow homeowners to get creative with their fireplace designs. You can incorporate brick, wood, limestone, mirrors, logs, cast stone, marble or even stainless steel to get a unique look. We have a strong relationship with local suppliers to get you the lowest costs for whichever building materials or textiles you need. Working with us can reduce the time, frustration, or stress involved when dealing with renovations.


If you are interested in refinishing your living room or resurfacing your fireplace, give us a call. Our experienced bathroom and kitchen renovation Hamilton & Toronto contractors will be able to answer any inquiries you might have and provide you with a quote. Call us at (647) 204-0982 or click here to fill out our quick online form.